​​Patio & Drive Cleaning

Whether you are looking to deep clean the drive at your commercial or residential property, rest assured that our team have the experience and expertise required to achieve a quality finish every time.

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​​Long Reach Cleaning

With our long reach window cleaning equipment we are able to clean up to 4 stories high without the need of specialised equipment. 

​This is idea for offices and apartment buildings with no ease of access to the outside windows of the building.


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​​Gutter Cleaning

One of the things that should be done on a 6 month to 12 month basis. Keeping gutters free of debris such as leaves etc will ultimately benefit you property.

​The reason is that if you allow the gutter to clog brickwork and pointing can be compromised leading to the possibility of internal damp in the long term.

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​​​​PVC Window & Cladding Maintenance

As a double glazed window gets older the grime that it can collect with todays traffic and general air quality can substantially change and degrade the pvc that they are made from.

​Once a year we recommend a deep clean of these frames to give them that look that they had when new. Cleaning off all of the car traffic and daily pollutants that they collect.

Also Ideal for all exterior cladding 

​bringing it to that new look once